Tuesday, October 28, 2008

KROQ Hollywood Nightshift 9/10/78

Here's a rare trick, or uh, maybe treat, if you prefer...
The Classic Sunday night show, on the ROQ's of Los Angeles,
known as The Hollywood Nightshift.
With only 2 of the usual 3 performers.
Here we have Michael C. Gwynne & Philip Austin blindly
going through the motions
without their sidekick: Frazer Smith on this night.

Click here to download the show!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The ROQs Jocks Legends

A somewhat serene & content Lee Baby Simms above
who worked the AM ROQ when it joined forces with the FM ROQ
(What's he got there, oregeno?)

The KROQers from around 1978,
The Insane Darrell Wayne in red slacks.
Brent Kahlen on far left. Chuck Randell, left beard.
Mike Raphone, bearded tallest dude.
Jed The Fish, hilding his finger up.
Larry Woodside, purple Jacket.
Al Ramirez, far right.

Above, we have a vintage shot of Shadoe Stevens at The Fabeled KROQ D.J. booth, circa: 1977.
Below, The Ernest Mr. Frazer Smith, looking for a necessary cart to play over the air.

Welcome to FROM THE GARAGE blog!
Howdy, my name is Timmy...
Riff was good enough to allow me to make some comments & place a couple postings here.
And, I thought it would be a grand idea to let all the visitors actually see what
these KROQ D.J.'s look like...
Beginning with Sir Rodney From Bingenhiemer
who began his tenure at The ROQ's of Los Angeles in 1976,
& is still there to this very day!
Above he is seen posing with the band KISS,
next, Rodney is caught in action at his "Rodney's English Disco" sometime around the mid 70's

Saturday, October 4, 2008

KROQ 08/23/80 Rodney Bingenheimer w/Peter Noone

Runtime Approx. 5 Hours 4 Minutes (275.45MB) 128kbps
Los Angeles Radio
KROQ 08/23/80 Rodney Bingenheimer w/Peter Noone
That's right, Rodney has his old chum Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits fame as his guest. They reminisce about the early days and play Peter's new album with the Tremblers.
You've got to listen to the entire show because it just gets better and better as the show goes on, a lot of gems get played and I don't mean just the old Herman's Hermits hits.
Note: This show complements my first post which was "KROQ 08/24/80 Rodney Bingenheimer celebrates his 4th year anniversary" (see below), because it was recorded the evening before.
Collect em all!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

KROQ Frazer Smith 10/06/78

Runtime Approx. 1 Hour 4 Minutes (59.1MB) 128kbps
Los Angeles Radio
KROQ Frazer Smith 10/06/78
Friday night on thisss, The Frazer Smith Radio Show.
The perfect show for an election year because Frazer Smith is running for governor. This is what big time radio is all about.
So join the crazy sona bitch party and get out and vote!
This guy isssssssssss insane!