Saturday, November 1, 2008

KROQ 11/27/80 Interview w/ The Dickies

Runtime Approx. 1 Hour 1 Minute (56.2MB) 128kbps
Los Angeles Radio
KROQ 11/27/80 Interview w/ The Dickies
The Insane Darrell Wayne interviews Leonard and Stan on Thanksgiving day 1980.

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Timmy said...

The Insane Darrell Wayne is still very strong in all things radio, these days. He does a weekly show with myself & a few other knuckleheads every Wed. night at 7:00PM on KDSK/FM, in New Mexico. Listen on line at: WWW.KDSK.Com also streamed live at: WWW.ERRORFM.Com . Also Darrell is heard almost daily on KOCP/FM, in Ventura, California.