Saturday, November 1, 2008

KROQ May & August 1977 Shadoe Stevens


Runtime Approx. 6 Hours 24 Minutes (338MB) 128kbps
Los Angeles Radio
KROQ May & August 1977 Shadoe Stevens
We've got a real treat for you!
I got home from work last week and found a package in my mailbox from Timmy. The box contained four cassettes labeled
KROQ Shadoe Stevens 1977.
Like WOW!
So here for your listening pleasure is
Shadoe Stevens at the mike on KROQ in 1977. I think my favorite is side 2 of the 08/01/77 tape because KROQ is celebrating it's one year anniversary by giving away pipes, bongs and for one lucky listener a custom stereo system. So if you thought the first year was something, watch out LA!
Thanks Timmy!


Timmy said...

It's my pleasure to have Riff post these great tapes. I was entrusted by Shadoe Stevens to transfer all of his collection of tapes he kept for many years, of his luminous radio carreer. It is still an ongoing effort. As far as recollection permits, Shadoe himself recorded these tapes off of the fabeled KROQ board. Please visit my blog for further info. at: WWW.RADIOLIDARITY.BLOGSPOT.COM

Anonymous said...

These files download, but they don't extract. Is there any way to just link to them as mp3s?

Anonymous said...

my bad, i figured out how to extract the files.

riff buttons said...

Hey Anonymous,
Timmy said he wasn't having any luck either. I put these MP3s into folders and then zipped em. When you download them and unzip them you should have a folder with the MP3s inside. I tried and had no problems but I'm in the process of compressing them into RAR files and uploading to Rapidshare as an alternative. Geez, never had a problem in the past.
If anyone else is having problems I apologize and I'm working on a solution.

Anonymous said...

I ended up downloading the Zip files and then using WinRar to extract them, by right clicking on the icon on my desktop, and then selecting "Extract files" from that menu.

MykeC said...

Who and what immediately follows Long John Baldry on Tape 2, Side 1 about 8 minutes into 1977-05-29 Tape 2, Side 1?

The music sounds sorta like Edgar Winter at times to me.

When I was born the sky was filled with thunder...
Anybody can sing the blues but who can sing like me? The mighty atom smasher...

They call me Electric Throat 'cuz I'm as bad as bad as bad can be...

None of these lyrics produce any results when I Google them.

Timmy said...

Myke C, The name of that group was Roadmaster. The title of the song is "Who Can Sing Like Fat Boy Do?". The LP was released in 1976 on Village Records. A GREAT song, that only KROQ played.

MykeC said...

The first 5 songs were played immediately before this tape was recorded - (according to the Gospel Book of Shadoes) and are, therefore, not included in the recording.

May 29, 1977 - Tape 1 - Side 1
* The Rolling Stones, "Bitch" (1970)
* Detective, "Wild Hot Summer Nights" (1977)
* David Bowie, "Fascination" (1975)
* Balcone's Fault, "Take Me Home" (1977)
* ZZ Top, "Tush" (1975)

David Bowie, "Let's Spend The Night Together" (1973)
James Brown, "I Got You (I Feel Good)" (1965)
Faces, "Ooh La La" (1973)
The Beach Boys, "Johnny Carson" (1977)
Alice Cooper, "King Of The Silver Screen" (1977)
Hoodoo Rhythm Devils, "Lotta Fine Mama" (1972)
The Crystals, "He's Sure The Boy I Love" (1963)
Blondie, "X Offender" (1976)
The Tubes, "Don't Touch Me There" (1976)
The Rolling Stones, "Stray Cat Blues" (live) (1970)
The Tubes, "You're No Fun" (1977)
T. Rex, "Jeepster" (1971)

MykeC said...

OK, how about the artist and title for the country tune about Bossier City right between The J. Geils Band and Uriah Heep?

Can't find any of those lyrics in Google either.

Thanks in advance!

MykeC said...

"Mother Rock"? What's up with that? :)

MykeC said...

May 29, 1977 (Tape 2, Side 1)
B.T. Express, "Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)" (1974)
Four Tops, "7 Rooms Of Gloom" (1967)
Long John Baldry, "Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On The King Of Rock And Roll" (1971)
Roadmaster, "Who Can Sing Like Fat Boy Do?" (1976)
Steely Dan, "Everyone's Gone To The Movies" (1975)
B.T. Express, "Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)" (1974)
The Steve Miller Band, "Jungle Love" (1977)
Supertramp, "Another Man's Woman" (1975)
The Beatles, "Honey Pie" (1968)
Fleetwood Mac, "Don't Stop" (1977)
Canned Heat, "Fried Hockey Boogie" (1968)
Boz Scaggs, "I'm Easy" (1969)

May 29, 1977 (Tape 2, Side 2)
Eagles, "Midnight Flyer" (1974)
The Beatles, "Your Mother Should Know" (1967)
Bad Company, "Can't Get Enough" (1974)
Rick Derringer, "Teenage Love Affair" (1973)
The Asylum Choir, "Soul Food" (1971)
Commodores, "Fancy Dancer" (1977)
Aerosmith, "Lord Of The Thighs" (1974)
The Band, "Street Walker" (1977)
Savoy Brown, "Street Corner Talking" (1971)
David Bowie, "Suffragette City" (1972)
Traffic, "Light Up Or Leave Me Alone" (1971)

Michael Hagerty said...

This is terrific! After listening to them, I think what is labelled here as side one and two of August 1, 1977 is actually sides three and four of August 7. There's a continuity.

If you have more, please post them!