Sunday, September 14, 2008

KROQ 10/08/78 Rodney Bingenheimer's salute to DEVO

Runtime Approx. 2 Hours 4 Minutes (112.4MB) 128kbps
Los Angeles Radio
KROQ 10/08/78 Rodney Bingenheimer's salute to DEVO
Rodney play's the music of tomorrow.
This has been one of my favorite tapes. I have pulled it out of the box multiple times over the years, I just like the music.


Mike said...

WOW! Downloading now. Can't wait to give these a listen. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

these tapes are amazing!!! thatk you so much for archiving and sharing!

riff buttons said...

The pleasure is all mine.

Sir Jorge said...

hopefully you can find more, these are great, but there's sooo much more somewhere, i wish i could archive em

Chris Sessions said...

Does anyone know the name of the band that sings 'superman' which starts at 9:30? Rodney says the name of the band (18:21) but I can't understand it. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

riff buttons said...

Hey Chris, It was Gruppo Sportivo, check em out, they got a website.

Chris Sessions said...

Awesome! I'm psyched!!! Thanks Riff. You're the man!