Monday, September 1, 2008

KROQ 1979 Dusty Street & Rodney

Runtime Approx. 1 Hour 30 Minutes (84.1MB) 128kbps
Los Angeles Radio
KROQ 1979 Dusty Street & Rodney

This tape has two partial shows of Dusty Street and Rodney.


lunatic84 said...

Riff, thanks for the audio snapshots,
As for Rodney (you're going to scream) but I never got into him too much - he's voice was kinda drab – not too inspiring.
I actually had a midnight snack with him at some restaurant in Pasadena or Hollywood - I can't remember, after a Duran Duran Video Dance Party!
I was with a date and a few of her girlfriends and after the dance ended we somehow ended up in the back parking lot of KROQ. It’s a complete blur to me now but we went to some diner that Rodney told us to go to. One of the few things that I do remember is that he pointed out all the famous “stars” (like Debbie Harry) that had hanged out at this diner.
I was a kid so I didn't know at the time that the DJs at KROQ were practically broke 'cause they didn't get paid much if any. (Do a google search for “KROQ: An Oral History”) But at the time I was a bit dumbfounded that he didn't pay for any of the girls' order. I didn't want him to pay my bill but I was thinking to myself - here's a guy who's famous but is God Damn Cheap!
I guess he's OK. Anyway, thanks for the flashbacks!
I did love listening to Dusty Street - that gave me goosebumps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these old tapes! I've been a fan of Dusty Street since her days at KSAN-FM in San Francisco. Do you know if you have any other recordings with Dusty?

thanks again.



Timmy said...

Lunatic 84, that's a riotous bit of history you wrote. Rodney had a few eateries that I remember him always clanning at. One was Canter's on Fairfax Bl. Then there was Denny's on Sunset Bl. Another place he liked was IHOP on Santa Monica Bl. next to La Cienega Bl. It could have been somewhere else, but God knows he would never pick up the tab...

riff buttons said...

Hey Everyone,
My reward for hanging on to these tapes (I had to keep both wives from wanting to pitch that box), ripping and posting them has been the super kind thanks I've received, but what I really like reading are the stories and history you share when you listen to the shows. I'm still waiting to hear from the guy who says hey I'm that guy that called in during the Rodney show when Blondie was in the studio and asked Debbie Harry for a pair of her panties!

MykeC said...

This tape dates back to mid-May 1979.

Dusty talks tuning in this Friday evening to the Memorex Fresh Rocks Hour at 7:00 to hear the new David Bowie album, "Lodger", before anyone else does.

According to Wikipedia, "Lodger" was released on Friday, May 18, 1979 - so if they were to be playing "Lodger" on the air on its very day of release, this tape would have been recorded sometime between Sunday, May 13 and Thursday, May 17 - and probably not on Thursday because she doesn't refer to Friday as "tomorrow".

MykeC said...

Rodney plays "Foxy Lady" from The Cure's first album, "Three Imaginary Boys" in this one. Wow!

Wikipedia has the release date for that LP as May 8, 1979, which correlates nicely with the mid-May recording date given for Side 1 with Dusty Street.

The only Sundays in May 1979 were the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th.

MykeC said...

Trying to index both sides of this tape.

What is the song at the beginning of Rodney's show that is joined in progress?

Also, what's the song between The Invaders' "Girls In Action" and The Curse's "Shoeshine Boy"?

It sounds like Rodney says "8 Year The Kleenex" but I know that's not quite right. I can't understand what he says. The lyrics bear some resemblance to Gen X's song, "Kleenex" but they're not at all the same.

Push it in and push it out. WTF? LOL!


John McClellan - 4 Minutes Of Fame said...

The music mix on this tape is amazing! Mink DeVille, Joe Jackson, Ian Dury and live Pretenders. Riff- thank both of your wives for not tossing the tapes, as long as there is no restraining order involved.

Anonymous said...

I put in a loaner Orban at the KROQ transmitter site back in early 79 and was offered trade-out meals. More than likely Rodney was on trade-out as well. Ah, radio in the old days! For a station that couldn't pay their bills they were nice folks. Also got my loaner back. Nice!

B. Swensen
San Diego

Anonymous said...

Myke, the first song is "Capital Radio" by The Clash. The Kleenex tune is actually performed by a Swiss band called "Kleenex" and the title is "Ain't You". Kleenex changed their name to Liliput after a legal hassle with the makers of Kleenex. And then there's the Statler Brothers but that's a different story entirely. I hope my English is good.


riff buttons said...

Hey B. Swensen,
What is an Orban and do they still use them? I've got an idea but how do you define a trade-out meal? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Riff: An Orban is a brand of audio processor that works as an automatic volume control. All radio stations use them to maintain consistent levels since audio can be brought up from multiple sources: tape, discs, telephones, etc. "Trade Out" is when a radio station receives goods or services in exchange for free plugs or commercials. For example, a certain restaurant could run spots for a reduced cost (or free) if they let their jocks eat there at no charge.

riff buttons said...

Thanks Anonymous, now I know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Riff! Thought I'd drop by to see how things were going and noticed the Orban question. Anonymous is basically correct on the Orban thing which was also known as an Optimod. The machine produced a 19khz tone (Stereo Pilot) to tell stereo receivers that a stereo signal was available. Two other audio signals were produced which are a mono (L+R) and differential (L-R). Simple analog wizardry in receivers would produce two proper stereo channels. In this system mono receivers (table top alarm clocks) could still get an old-fashioned proper signal. The audio level control part of the Orban was to keep the FCC and competitors happy so that no one's feet would be stepped on but it also allowed a station to be LOUD all the time.

I still have that Orban 8000 beige colored machine that KROQ borrowed! It's a loaner for emergencies and yes... I will take trade-out!

B. Swensen

riff buttons said...

To B. Swensen,
Impressive and thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Hi Riff! Another interesting note. Pioneer Electronics offered a consumer machine called the RG-1 which would make FM and disc audio sound better by bringing back the dynamics which were lost during processing! I will never forget the model number because it was designed by Robert Grodinsky. I don't think Grodinsky and Orban were good friends but I could be wrong. Then there was the SAE 5000 "click and pop" machine which would get rid of ticks and pops from discs. The late 70s and early 80s were phenomenal.

B. Swensen