Sunday, September 7, 2008

KROQ May 1981

Runtime Approx. 1 Hour 34 Minutes (85.2MB) 128kbps
Los Angeles Radio
KROQ May 1981
This tape is a hodge podge of different shows. The date on the label says May of 1981 but I'm not so sure. It starts out with a Rodney show and Rodney has two of the original members of the Surfaris as his guests. They play the original long version of Surfer Joe and lots of other cool surf tunes. The tape then goes to Frazer Smith, then the Woodside and towards the end The Waitresses come into the studio and talk about their upcoming show at Perkins Palace. Its all good stuff.


MykeC said...

What portion of this tape features Frazer Smith? The

Everything about this tape indeed hints at it being recorded in May 1981.

The first concert date given (as read aloud by the guy from The Surfaris at the end of Rodney's portion) is for Monday, May 25, 1981. Since Rodney was on both Saturday and Sunday nights this indicates a recording date of Saturday, May 23, or Sunday, May 24, 1981. My guess would be Saturday because he says "it all begins Monday night". Had this been recorded on Sunday, they'd have been more inclined to say "it all begins tomorrow night".

MykeC said...

Rodney mentions the Go-Go's were about to release their album - which occurred in July 1981 according to the Wikipedia page for "Beauty And The Beat".

Also during, I believe, The Waitresses section the actual year 1981 is mentioned.

All indications is that May 1981 is accurate for this one. May 23-25, 1981 is my guess.

The Woodside says "Monday morning". Rodney was on Saturday and Sunday nights.

If we could nail down a date for The Waitresses' show at Perkins Palace we'd have something rock solid to go by.

riff buttons said...

Hey MikeC thanks for trying to nail down the recording date for this tape. The interview with the Waitresses is what made me think I accidently recorded two different years on one cassette. If anyone is reading this and can remember the date of the Perkins Palace show please drop us a line.

MykeC said...

About 3:40 into Jed's interview with Chris Butler and Patty Donahue, there is a blank spot where a commercial would have been. Immediately after that, Patty can be heard reading "Participants must be 13 or older. No purchase necessary. Game ends June 7, 1981 or while supplies last."

"Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful" wasn't released until 1982 according to its Wikipedia page. Wonder what took so long?

I have been miffed for years that "WTW?" has never been released on CD - and the one song I want most from it, "Quit", isn't available on any of their compilations.

Joe Ponto said...

Can't figure out how to play this file, a rar file. I tried itunes, winamp, windows media player. Any ideas?

Joe Ponto said...

Can't figure out how to pay this, it's a "rar" file, I tried itunes, winamp and windows media player. Any ideas on how to play this file?

riff buttons said...

Hey Joe, An rar file is like a zipped file. You'll need to unzip it first. If you have a windows computer try using a program like winzip, if using a mac try unrarx. Both programs are free.