Monday, September 1, 2008

KROQ 03/04/79 Rodney Bingenheimer w/Kim Fowley

Runtime Approx. 2 Hours 20 Minutes (123MB) 128kbps
Los Angeles Radio
KROQ 03/04/79 Rodney Bingenheimer w/Kim Fowley
What can I say except this show is great!
Rodney has Kim Fowley as his guest. Kim Fowley brings along
Australian actress Sue Smithers into the studio with him and an assortment of records from down under. Lots of local phone in questions. Holly of Holly and the Italians stops by to plug her new record. Unfortunately I don't have the entire show.


Timmy said...

This tape begins with Chuck Randall's sign-off, then right into a must-hear Rodney On The ROQs show with his excentric guest; Kim Fowley. These 2 Hollywood debaucherites are responsible for the decline of American Civilization... Peace!

riff buttons said...

Right On! Mr. Timmy
Thanks so much for taking the time to post a comment.

Anonymous said...

This tape was recorded on March 4, 1979.

Rodney mentions it being a Sunday night and Sue Smithers reads the list of upcoming Whisky-A-Go-Go shows beginning with Monday, March 5.

Also, "The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle" was released March 2, 1979, according to its Wikipedia page which means that it had only been available for sale for 2 days at the time Rodney began playing parts of it on the air.

riff buttons said...

Thanks again MykeC. I just updated the title of this post.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. It's nice to be a positive influence with your effort.

Anonymous said...

thanks alot!!!
just found your site its great

Anonymous said...

This tape is nearly impossible to index completely and accurately as Rodney allows Kim Fowley to play a lot of his own records by obscure Australian punk bands. Kim did a poor job of citing the artist names and song titles played and even gives deliberately incorrect artist names and titles on occasion for laughs. So with that being said, I'll leave it to someone else to correct any mistakes and/or fill in the blanks:

Bill Nelson's Red Noise, "Substitute Flesh" (1979)
British Lions, "Eat The Rich" (1977)
Mott The Hoople, "Born Late '58" (1974)
The Modern Folk Quartet, "This Could Be The Night" (1979)
The Sex Pistols, "God Save The Queen (Symphony)" (1979)
The Sex Pistols, "Rock Around The Clock" (1979)
The Sex Pistols, "Something Else" (1979)
The Sex Pistols, "C'mon Everybody" (1979)
The Sex Pistols, "Johnny B. Goode" (1979)
The Sex Pistols, "Roadrunner" (1979)
The Sex Pistols, "Don't Give Me Lip" (1979)
The Sex Pistols, "Substitute" (1979)
The Sex Pistols, "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone" (1979)
The Sex Pistols, "Belsen Was A Gas" (1979)
Rodney On The ROQ
The Dickies, "Water Slide" (1979)
The Dickies, "Walk Like An Egg" (1979)
The Dickies, "Curb Job" (1979)
The Dickies, "Shake & Bake" (1979)
The Dickies, "Rondo (The Midget's Revenge)" (1979)
Rodney On The ROQ w/ Kim Fowley and Sue Smithers
The Simpletones, "California" (1979)
The Police, "Fallout" (1977)
Dave Darrow(?), "Death To Disco"(?) (1979)
Rodney On The ROQ w/ Kim Fowley
Dave Warner's From The Suburbs, "(Just A) Suburban Boy" (1978)
Street Talk, "Street Music" (1979)
The Last Words, "Animal World" (1979)
Rodney On The ROQ w/ Kim Fowley and Sue Smithers
The Lonely Boys, "Phantom Poster Man" (1979)
Beethoven(?), "Shy Girl"(?)
(Young And?) Modern, "She's So Horrible" ("Automatic"?)
Rodney On The ROQ w/ Kim Fowley and Sue Smithers
Kim Fowley, "Blow Up" (1978)
The Angels, "After The Rain" (1978)
Rodney On The ROQ w/ Kim Fowley and Sue Smithers
?, "Lesbian's Revenge (Parts 1, 2, 3, & 7)"(?)
Teenage Radio Stars, "Sweet Boredom" (1978)
Rodney On The ROQ w/ Kim Fowley and Holly Beth Vincent
Holly & The Italians, "Chapel Of Love" (1979)
?, "Ring, Ring"(?)
Kim Fowley, "?"
Rodney On The ROQ w/ Kim Fowley and Sue Smithers
Gary Brooker, "Then He Kissed Me" (false start)
Mick Jagger, "Da Doo Ron Ron" (1964)
?, "?"
Black Arabs, "Disco Medley: Anarchy in the UK / God Save the Queen / Pretty Vacant / No One is Innocent"
Rodney On The ROQ w/ Kim Fowley

Anonymous said...

Awesome aircheck! Always interesting when Rodney and Fowley get together. This one is definitely worth a listen! It's best to begin when Fowley arrives after the Dickies set.

I wonder if Sue Smithers ever did that session with Kim? Seems she is back in Australia and in the past decade, has released a couple of CDs containing jazz standards.


Derek said...

I haven't listened to it yet, but thanks for uploading. I know it's been a while. I'm glad the file is still there. I've only listened to Rodney now and then since '98, so I'm excited to hear this.